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Traffic Tickets

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Are you one of the millions of people who receive a traffic ticket each year?

Of the 5% of Queens, Manhattan, or Long Island Traffic violations that are actually contested, one half are dismissed. The remaining half usually enjoyed reduced fines or other plea bargain arrangements that were less than the original mail in fine amount. Since you are reading this you may be one of the small and silent minority who successfully fights a Manhattan, Long Island or Queens traffic ticket each year.

Unless you get a contempt of court charge for some outrageous behavior, your fine will be exactly what you would have mailed in originally. You will only be out your time invested. Remember, it's not just the fine but also the increased insurance premiums you're trying to save with your time investment.

A recent study by an attorney specializing in traffic tickets showed that 60% of his contested cases were won. Of that amount, over 40% were won by lack of prosecution - No Officer = Not Guilty. An additional 25% were won through the inability to prove the charges.

As you can see, just by going to court and contesting your traffic ticket, the odds are swinging in your favor.

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