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Vladimir & Associates - Over 30 Years of Experience


If you get arrested for driving while intoxicated or impaired you need qualified legal representation immediately!

The drunk driving laws in New York are some of the toughest in our country. Nassau County and Suffolk County have their reputations as being some of the toughest counties in the state of New York for DWI. A second DWI conviction within a 10 year period may result in a felony charge against you. In addition to jail time you may be subject to heavy fines and loss of your driver's license and cancellation of your insurance.

Vladimir & Associates is well qualified to represent you from the time of arrest through arraignment and subsequent hearings and court appearances including any DMV hearings.

We will make any motions to suppress any evidence that was improperly obtained from you. We will make the necessary scientific and technological investigations to challenge the people's case against you.

JUST REMEMBER… The higher your Blood Alcohol Level the higher the legal risk you face.

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